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Confusion with music and politics. [02/05/2007 ]

[ mood | curious ]

Right. So in my search for music (particularly music videos, as I'm rather fond of them), I came across this song. "Sellam Alejkum", by Zaklonišče Prepeva. The song's in Croation (I think) and German.

Now, using Slovenian grammar and some dictionaries I've been able to get a sense of the song's lyrics. But it's confusing the hell out of me. The video uses Nazi, Communist, Christian, and Muslim imagery. The band describes itself as a "Yugo-nostalgia" group, and I think the gist of the song is anger at Slovenia for abandoning the Balkans.

Can anyone tell me what's going on? The song itself is very catchy, but I don't want to accidently be singing some pro-Ustaše or Tito-ist song.


PS. This has been cross-posted to linguaphiles (and I'd suggest reading the comments, just so you don't go over things we've addressed), but we don't actually have any native Slovenians to clear things up. I really suggest watching the video before reading the lyrics, because it totally changes the perspective on what they're saying.


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EDIT: This might help. http://www.zaklonisceprepeva.com/html/first.htm

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GO EKO!! [09/24/2006 ]

Ekološke kmetije vabijo na dan odprtih vrat! - Organic farms have an OPEN DAY!

A niso srčkani? - Aren't they cute??

Škoda, da nisem prej vedela za to! Ali za EKO teden v Ljubljani! Je kdo bil na kakem predavanju ipd.? - Too bad I didn't know about this before! There were many interesting 'round tables' and seminars.

Zveza združenj ekoloških kmetov Slovenije http://www.zveza-ekokmet.si/ - Farms listed here.
Uh, ja, želim si živeti na EKO kmetiji!! Moje sanje: ovce, koze, osliček, sadje & zelišča! - Yes, I want to live on an organic farm!! Sheep, goats & donkey & fruit trees, herbs & all!

http://www.itr.si/ Inštitut za trajnostni razvoj!
Another cool page with links of interest (in Slovenian).

Laibach - Anti-Semitism [07/30/2006 ]

Requesting translation help. Music wing of NSK aka Laibach has a song called "Anti-Semitism" on album WAT. It's apparently sung/spoken in Slovenian. I would like to understand the story behind lyrics. I've had the pleasure to see Laibach live twice here in Finland. I don't expect anyone to be able to turn these straight into Finnish but English would be fine. Thanks in advance!

Anti-semitism lyricsCollapse )
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Ljepo Pozdravljeni! [05/29/2006 ]


Jaz sem hrvat z Zagreba ki zivi v Americi. Vem nekaj slovensko ker sem mnogo geldal KanalA haha in moj najboljsi prijatelj je slovenc.

Necu vise pisati na mom ionako slabom Slovenskom. Nadam se da vam ne smeta Hrvatski, mogu pisati i na engleskom ako je lakse, a ako inzistirate pisat cu na mom slo-cro mixu haha kaj sam razvio sa moja dva frenda slovenca (ionako zelim nauciti Slovenski, kaj je za mnoge u hrvatskoj nerazumljivo jer "kaj ce meni slovenski," neznam, meni je ljep i ljubim jezika.

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Slovenija v RF [05/04/2006 ]

vsi, ki imajo radi Slovenijo

Coming this summer! [01/30/2006 ]

I am coming this summer to Slovenia! Probably will visit in late June. I am also considering taking the four week Slovenian language course in Ljubljana in July. From there, I am hoping to find a job teaching English or doing graphic design for a newspaper, magazine or design company.

Anyone have any advice or people I could talk to about the language course or a job for fall?

Also, I would love to meet up with anyone in the community! Let's have a kava together!

Lepe pozdrave!
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Najljubši kotički v Sloveniji - Favourite places in Slovenia [01/20/2006 ]

Here are mine:

- Sečoveljske soline

- Zgornja Savinjska dolina - the Upper Savinja Valley incl. Logarska dolina

- Tolmin & its surroundings

Still to visit:
- izvir Soče - the source of the Soča river
- Bela Krajina
- Kras

What are yours?

Dobrodošli! - Welcome! [01/11/2006 ]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Končno imamo tudi Slovenci svoj kotiček na LVJ!

Napišite, od kod ste, kako dolgo ste že na LiveJournalu... Kaj vas zanima... Kaj sicer počnete...

Finally - a REAL community for Slovenian people and fans of Slovenia. Yup, we live in a pretty amazing piece of universe!!
Ask away if you're interested in anything or tell us more about yourself!

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